The Hive (EYFS & KS1 SSU)

Our Curriculum

Our specialist unit, The Hive, is designed to support pupils from ages 4-7 with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) and complex additional needs. The curriculum is personalised to each individual, and all subjects areas are covered to expose all pupils to a broad and balanced curriculum. 

We ensure that our pupils are receiving the best possible support through a high adult to children ratio, and the following methods:


Group Work/Input

We cover three key subject areas with targeted lesson inputs; English, Mathematics and phonics. Within these sessions, we aim to target individual needs to ensure that children are being pushed to their full potential. We also encourage pupils to participate in group activities such as games and directed play to encourage building positive relationships with their peers. 



 Each child will have daily interventions that are on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis. These will be linked to the individual child's needs and will cover cognitive learning and the development of communication and interaction skills. There will be a mixture of 'set' interventions, where children will work in a smaller, quieter part of the classroom on their targets, and 'roaming' interventions, where an adult will support children as they interact with activities set out in the main classroom. 


'Must Do' Tasks

 Each day, we set up activities that are 'must do' tasks. These are made up of specific learning activities (linked to a lesson input) and a combination of creative, mark-making or fine motor tasks. 


Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

 Each child will have an IEP with specific targets relating to their specific needs which will be written in consultation with parents and any specialists involved in the child's care and development. These targets will be reviewed 4 times per year. 


Forest Schools

 Children in The Hive have regular Forest Schools sessions, where they are able to explore their wider surroundings and take part in activities linked to the learning in the classroom. Children are able to develop valuable skills through this and enjoy being outdoors. We aim to incorporate fine motor challenges, literacy/mathematics links and life skills into these sessions. 


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