Peer Mediation


Our Peer Mediation Service was set up by Miss Herzog (one of our LKS2 teachers) in September 2023.


What is peer mediation?

Peer mediation is a process of resolving conflict between students. It is run by pupils, for pupils.  The benefits for the peer mediators include: developing their listening, leadership, problem solving and communication skills; learning how to express feelings and needs and a growth in their confidence and self-esteem. The process of peer mediation also empowers the children because they are able to take responsibility for their own actions. 


How did our peer mediation service start?

A team of 10 Year 5 children applied to be peer mediators in June 2023 and had 4 days of professional training from Calm Mediation Centre. The training involved discussions around what conflict is, what mediation is and lots of role-play.  They began their peer mediator roles in September 2023, overseen by Miss Herzog.  Miss Herzog has now undertaken 'Train the Trainer' training, so that she can train our future cohorts of peer mediators.  Calm Mediation continue to support us and visit our peer mediators.


What does peer mediation look like at Exning?

The children mediate in the ‘Mediation Hut’ during lunchtimes. Two children are ‘on shift’ at a time, and mediate between the children that are having a disagreement. The peer mediators have blue sashes and badges so the other children know who the mediators are.  Children that are having a disagreement voluntarily choose to seek support from the peer mediators. 

There are three simple ground rules during the mediation that the children have to follow:

1) Respect each other

2) Anyone can stop the session at any time

3) No interrupting.

So far, the peer mediation scheme has been a great success! The mediators are really enjoying their new roles and the pupils of Exning Primary School have loved being able to resolve their disputes with their peers. The staff have also been highly positive, commenting on the maturity of the peer mediation team. 


Spreading the word about peer mediation in primary schools

We were very lucky to have nine researchers from Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan and the University of Cambridge to visit in October 2023. The researchers were keen to find out how the scheme is going as they are interested in bringing peer mediation into schools in Kazakhstan.


It is a very exciting scheme and we are keen for other schools to get in touch that would like to start their own mediation service.


Please watch the video below to find out more:

Article published in Newmarket Journal, 9th November 2023.