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Persevere, Shine, Be Happy

Value ourselves and others.

Be proud of our achievements

Never, never, never give up!


Ethos and School Values

Exning Primary School provides an outstanding education within the context and understanding of shared values. We believe all children should be taught kindness, co-operation, resilience, honesty, respect, concentration and perseverance, creating an emotionally aware school family, within a safe and secure environment.

We believe the most effective way to prepare children for learning is to teach a skills and knowledge based, creative curriculum giving children the opportunity to become motivated, independent learners that can steer their own learning. We give children opportunities to use their imagination, collaborate and persevere to achieve their personal bests that we celebrate within the school.

Weaving through our curriculum are our three drivers;

  • Enterprise – The ability to take risks; show initiative and undertake new ventures and think creatively.
  • Emotional Intelligence - Understanding ourselves and others.
  • Music and the Arts - Expressing ourselves through different media.

History of the School

William White built Exning School in the mid 1870s. He was a well-known local architect who designed attractive Victorian buildings. The school appears to have served the local village children from 4 years of age through to 14, and was built to educate a maximum of 447 pupils in two buildings. From early photographs, we can see that there were about 200 children on roll in 1910.