Teaching for Mastery in Mathematics

At Exning Primary School, we follow the Mathematics Mastery approach to teaching maths. This approach has three key principles at its core: deep understanding, mathematical thinking and mathematical language. The programme prides itself on having problem solving at the heart of its lessons. As part of our partnership with Mathematics Mastery, our calculation policy is linked to the Mathematics Mastery document: "Progression in calculations". This is a document that details the calculation methods introduced in each year group. 

In class, Maths lessons are taught daily for 1 hour, in a 6-part lesson style. This approach ensures that the learning is pacy and that all children get to be 'hands on' with their maths learning. Each class is fully resources with 'Maths Toolkits' which consist of concrete manipulatives that pupils can use to support and embed their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Each class also has three fluency sessions a week. (These last 15 minutes). 

Our staff are dedicated to teaching mathematics to a high standard.  As a school, we are working collaboratively with other Mathematics Mastery schools and have been part of the NCETM's Maths Hub programme. 

All of our teachers and TAs have received training through Mathematics Mastery and are confident in teaching and supporting mathematics. Further to this, we have staff who have undertaken extra subject-specific training.             

Maths Mastery Calculation Progression Information