Physical Education and Sports 

At Exning Primary School we believe that Physical Education is increasingly important for your child's  physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing. Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 receive four hours of PE a fortnight. The Reception Class (Robins) have unlimited access to their outdoor environment all day every day as well as a planned PE lesson each week.

In additional to these planned PE lessons, physical activity and sport take place at other times in school:

  • Daily Mile - each class participates in the Daily Mile at some point during the day
  • In lessons - use of GoNoodle, BBC Supermovers, brain breaks etc.
  • Playtime and lunchtime - our Sports Coach, along with our pupil Sports Ambassadors and MDSAs set-up equipment to encourage active play, this is in addition to our 'Gym Trail' and outdoor play apparatus
  • Sports & physical activity clubs - we run a vast array of clubs throughout the year
  • Competitions - we participate in local and regional competitions
  • Other events - e.g. Bikeability, dance events, 

We have a qualified Sports Coach who assists teachers in the teaching, planning and assessment of PE to support their professional development.