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At Exning Primary School we believe that Physical Education is increasingly important for your child's  physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing. Children in keys stage 1 and 2 receive two hours of PE a week. The early years class have unlimited access to their outdoor environment all day every day as well as a planned PE lesson each week.

 In additional to these planned PE lessons, physical activity and sport take place in the classroom (wake up shake up, brain gym breaks), in school (lunchtime games, activities in the playground), during travel such as walking and cycling, in the outdoor environment, before school in breakfast club as well after school via sports clubs.

We have a qualified coach who assists teachers in their planning and assessment of PE and he also works alongside other teachers assisting after school and lunchtime clubs.

Benefits of PE

1. An understanding of good health

2. Increases muscle strength and fitness

3. It promotes academic learning.

4. It builds self esteem.

5. It develops cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skill.

6. It promotes a physically active lifestyle.



How we promote a physically active lifestyle at Exning Primary School


  • Morning/ after school club have access to a range of sports equipment to play with in the playground, including Uni- hock sticks, footballs, tennis rackets etc.
  • Equipment is available in both playgrounds during playtimes and lunchtimes for children to use.
  •  Children in key stage 1 and 2 have 2 planned PE lessons a week.
  • House competitions such as a dance off in the playground
  • A range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs available for children
  • Children compete regularly in local school sports competitions
  • Children are praised in assemblies,  as well photos and certificates on the hall of fame board when a child has been successful in a physical activity outside of school.
  • Children regularly take part in community physical activities/ initiatives for example- Exning School took part in the largest walking bus in the world along with other schools in the Newmarket area.
  • Exning Primary school has good links with Newmarket College, many students from NC supported teachers and pupils in our sports day in July.
  • We have physical activity leaders which are pupils from year five and six who are being trained to set up and encourage younger pupils to join in physical activities during lunchtimes. These activities include  playground games, parachute games, hoop games, football and hockey drills as well as target games and dancing.
  • School trips where children can compete in physical activities for example Kingswood in the summer term where year five take part in outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, climbing etc.
  • We hold an Annual inter-school competition for all years of children to compete in physical activity.
  • We are a member of the Forest Heath Sports Partnership

Pictures of PE at Exning

The Robins class have been learning to move like fire and different types of fireworks for their bonfire night theme.

The owls class have been learning partner sequences and repeating patterns.

The Goldfinches class have been creating sequences of dance movements.

 PE and cross curricular Links

During Robins PE lesson, a sound was held up and the children had to think of different ways of moving based on that beginning sound. There were some very imaginative ideas for ways of moving. The children came up with slithering like a snake, making a sunshine by  scattering their arms like rays,on all fours like tigers, crawling and moving to the side on their feet like crabs.