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Staff 2021-22

Please click on the staff member's name to send them an email. 

If there is not a link to their email, please contact them via the main office switchboard.

Senior Leadership Team


Mr James Clark

Deputy Headteachers

Mrs Natasha Warren and Mrs Ruth Clifford-Turner


Support Team

Business Manager

Miss Julie Hogg

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Julie Whitelaw

Administrative Assistant 

Mrs Sandra Littlewood

Caretaker & Cleaner

Mr Paul Wright



 Ruth Clifford-Turner (SENDCo)

Mrs Heather Philpot (SEND TA)


The Hive EYFS and KS1 SEND unit

The Hive Lead Teacher

Mrs Katie White

The Hive TAs

Mrs Rachel Donald (HLTA)

Miss Danielle Crick

Mrs Samantha Simpson

Miss Leah Riches

Miss Christie Allen


Safeguarding Team

Mrs Natasha Warren (DSL)

Mr James Clark (Alternate)

Mrs Johanna Cross (Alternate)

Mrs Rachel Donald (Alternate & WAC)


Robins' Class Team

Early Years Teachers

Miss Nicola Cole (Tuesday to Friday)

Miss Tiffani Bartlett (Monday)

Early Years TAs

Mrs Marie Banner

Miss Lucy Bailey


Owls' Class Team

Year One Teachers

Mrs Kelly Pettitt (Tuesday to Thursday)

Mrs Penny Waites (Thursday and Friday)

Year One TA

Mrs Zoe Tolliday


Goldfinches' Class Team

Year Two Teacher 

Miss Rebecca Bursford

Year Two TA

Mrs Louise Carter (HLTA)


Kingfishers' Class Team

Year Three Teacher

Miss Kezia Herzog

Year Three TAs

Mrs Carolyn Ireland (HLTA)

Mrs Julie Manttan


Kestrels' Class Team

Year Four Teacher

Miss Holly Burgess

Year Four TAs

Mrs Linda Nunn

Mrs Julie Manttan


Eagles' Class Team

Year Five Teacher

Mrs Emma Spencer (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Ruth Clifford-Turner (Thursday, Friday)

Year Five TAs

Mrs Liz Kent

Dr Vicki Masten


Swans' Class Team

Year Six Teacher

Mrs Emma Hardy

Year Six TAs

Mrs Johanna Cross (HLTA)

Dr Vicki Masten


Sports Coach

Miss Katie Nutter


Lunchtime Team

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Lynn Ingram

Miss Christie Allen

Miss Kelly Gilbert

EATS Catering Team

Mrs Belinda Sargent

Mrs Alison Carey

Mrs Lucy Szkic


 Wrap-Around Care

Mrs Rachel Donald (Manager)

Mrs Georgina Blyth

Miss Lucy Bailey

Mrs Danielle Crick

Miss Christie Allen

Mrs Marie Banner


Mrs Louise Carter

Miss Leah Riches