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Exning Primary School

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Junior Road Safety Officers

JRSOs aim to make children in school more aware of road safety by termly assemblies, competitions and displays.

JRSO are selected from the Eagles class. 

Safe on the Road by JRSO

Spring is coming!  Because of this, you will probably be playing outside a lot more and it is important to remember how to be safe near the roads.  Here are our top tips!

Our Top 3 Tips:-

 Stop, look and listen

STOP:  Find a safe place to cross then stop!  Stand on the pavement near the kerb but if there is no kerb stand on the edge.

LOOK: Stand in a good place and give yourself lots of time to look around so you can see vehicles coming and drivers can see you.

LISTEN:  Listen carefully - sometimes you can hear traffic before you see it.   Never cross the road while chatting, listening to music or on a phone.  When it is safe to cross, walk in a straight direction across the road looking and listening at all times.

BE BRIGHT, BE SEEN:  Wear colourful or fluorescent clothing when out on a dark day.  Add cool reflective zips and stickres to your backpack.  Wear reflective clothes or accessories in the evening, so you can be seen by drivers.

FIND A SAFE PLACE TO CROSS:  Always try to cross on pedestrian crossings and zebra crossings.  

To help you remember to be safe you can look at www.talesoftheroad.direct.gov.uk.   This is a great website to go on.  It has lots of games, videos, quizzes and road safety tips.  This is a fabulous website for all ages including adults.