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Exning Primary School

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Fruit and water are available for all children throughout ASC sessions.  In addition a snack is available at the start of each session.  We are currently trialling a new menu and will be evaluating this at the end of this half-term - ask your children what they think of the new snacks! Special dietary needs are taken in to account.


Examples of items on the menu for ASC:

  • Open roll with cheese and cherry tomatoes with sachet of ketchup
  • Tea cake with olive spread
  • Rice cake with tuna mayonnaise and cucumber slices
  • Muffin with jam or marmite,
  • Bagel with olive spread, grated cheese and slices of pepper
  • Fruit bread with olive spread
  • Crispbread with olive spread or/and cheese spread with carrot batons
  • Scones with olive spread and/or jam,
  • Dutch bake with Mozzarella, humous and celery sticks
  • Popcorn and slices of peach
  • Pitta bread filled with lettuce, turkey slice and humous
  • Wraps filled with lettuce, chicken strips and salsa

 Served with water or squash

Water, fresh fruit, vegetables and salad available throughout the sessions.


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We run daily sessions from 3.15pm to 6pm, which cost £9 and include fruit, snack and drinks.

Feedback Form

Please let us know what you think of our childcare provision, your comments may help our planning and resourcing. We would also appreciate your feedback on our web pages.