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Exning Primary School

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Parent Forum

Please see below for a summary. of the last meeting.

The Exning Primary School Parent Forum is a  group of parents  that meet each half term with the deputy headteacher to discuss  various issues and policies within school. Every year we have new Robins parents join us and every two years we open the forum to new parents wishing to take part.

Jane Segust runs the forum, there are usually two or three parent representatives from each class across the school. We work together to ensure a strong partnership between parents and the school and give parents the opportunity to  become involved with some of the policies and decisions that are made and affect their children.

Over the past couple of year we have discussed uniform, written a home-school agreement, equalities policy, created a house point system with clear boundaries and reward systems.

Here are afew examples of how we have listened to parents and made changes in school- 

  • Change of times for celebration assembly to suit working parents. 
  • Birthday table in the canteen was causing children upset so we shared with the school council and decided it was time to change the way we celebrated birthdays. We now have a birthday assembly. 
  • The way we deal with behaviour incidents at lunch time. 
  • Clarification of 48 hour rule for D&V. 


We are continually looking for ways to develop the forum and our relationships with parents. If you have ideas to share then please do speak to your class representative.



Summary of Minutes October 2016

Dates of Meetings for this school year. Meetings are from 2.00-3.10pm 

Thursday 20th October 2016

Friday 16th December 2016

Thursday 9th February 2017

Thursday 30th March 2017

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Thursday 20th July 2017