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Exning Primary School

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Friends of Exning School (FOES)

Another festive evening raising an incredible £1200. Thanks to all of the commitee, parents, children and staff.

A fantastic evening of entertainment and community spirit. Thanks to all of the FOES, children, parents and  staff that made it possible.

We had a Valentines disco on Friday 14th February.

Thank you to every one who contributed to the Christmas Bazaar.

Another highly successful fund raising event. 


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Every parent/ carer of a child registered at Exning Primary School is a member of the FRIENDS!
The Friends of Exning School was formed in 1989 to raise funds and organise social events for the children and their parents.  Click here to see some of the events the Friends have organised and the where the money raised has been spent The group includes parents and local people who feel that they would like to be involved with the school's activities and over the years have had a most successful time both financially and socially, for which the school is most grateful.
Every first Friday of the month, at 9.00am, the Friends' Committee hold a coffee morning in the Canteen. Come along for free refreshments and a chat! Everybody welcome!
Help raise money for the school by either joining the 'Friends' or by supporting the events. If you do not wish to become a committee member of 'Friends' but would be able to help at some of the events please contact us as all help is gratefully accepted.

The Friends is a registered charity, the registered charity number is: 1050867.

Class Funds

Every year, funds raised by the FOES are given to each class to spend however they wish. This year, Eagles Class  and Swans Class spent half a day with Konflux which is a theatre company.  They came together as a group to put on an excellent play on the Maya Tribe for parents.


President- Mr James Clark

Chairperson Jo Bird

Child in Eagles and Kingfishers

Vice-Chair    Susie Foy

Children in Goldfinches

Treasurer Cathy Whittaker

Child in Kingfishers

Schoolotto Administrator Lorna Sutton

Child in Kestrels

Child in Swans
Minutes Secretary Nina Hall/Nicola Savage

Other Committee Members:

Melissa Brown, Debbie Grimwood, Nicola Savage, Susie Foy, Sam Simpson, Shirley Taney, Ruth Clifford-Turner, Nikki Cole

The Committee have representatives in each class who are a link between the parents and themselves; please talk to them about Friends' Events and Activities.


Robins - 

Owls - Shirley Tanney

Goldfinches - Susie Foy,

Kingfishers - Cathy Whitaker, Debbie Grimwood, Nicola Savage

Kestrels - Lorna Sutton, Sam Simpson, Debbie Grimwood          

Eagles - Nicola Savage, Melissa Brown

Swans - Nina Hall


Contact us either by talking to one of the committee on the playground, by letter addressed to Friends of Exning School, via the School Office or by  e-mail.