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The new Computing Curriculum has arrived and we need to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world of technology ...


The new curriculum places a big emphasis on coding.  We are using lots of different apps and programs across the school to get everyone coding!  Here a few that we are using:

Scratch (mainly used by KS2)

Scratch Jr (mainly for KS1 - a great intro to Scratch)

Beebot iPad App (used mainly in KS1 and lower KS2)

Espresso Coding (used across the school)

Lightbot iPad App

Lightbot Android App

Daisy the Dinosaur App (KS1)

Tynker Hour of Code (PC and App)

Lightbot Flash Version for PC

Blockly Games

Google Made with Code Projects

2Code, 2Go and Logo on Purple Mash

Hour of Code Tutorials


Anybody can learn how to code!


Lego WeDo


We're excited to have just purchased some Lego WeDo ... watch the video below to find out what you can do with WeDo!

An Introduction to Using Purple Mash

Purple Mash Intro Video

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Apps for Learning

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