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Exning Primary School

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Health and Safety

Illness and Accidents

Under advice from the Health Protection Agency if your child has diarrhoea and/or vomiting the period to be kept away from school is 48 hours from the last episode.  The school will take a common sense approach to this advice with the best interest of all children in mind.

If your child is ill at school or has an accident, the school will contact you in accordance with the details kept on file. Please ensure that we are notified of any changes to your contact details.



The administration of medicines to children is also the parents’ responsibility, unless circumstances make this impracticable. Our experience is that very few medicines need to be administered in the middle of the day when children are well enough to be at school, therefore parents may be expected either to keep their child at home or arrange to administer the medicine personally, if they believe this to be necessary. If this is not practicable then parents may request for prescribed medicine to be administered by the designated member of staff on completion of a consent and disclaimer form.

Where pupils need to use an inhaler in school, this will be kept in the classroom. Inhalers should be clearly labelled with the name and class of the child, together with instructions for use. Please ensure that all inhalers are in date and are checked regularly. Parents must collect all unused medication from the classroom at the end of each half term.