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Exning Primary School

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It is our policy to deal with complaints quickly, effectively and as informally as possible. Any minor problems can be sorted out easily with the class teacher or Headteacher in the first instance.


The governing body has adopted two separate Complaints Procedures.


1. Curriculum Complaints Procedure The governing body is required under section 23 of the Education reform Act, 1988, to adopt a procedure for consideration of complaints about the school curriculum and related matters. Such a procedure has been operating in this school since 1989. It covers issues relating to the National Curriculum, religious education and worship, the operation of charging policies, regulations about the provision of information and other statutory curriculum issues.


2. School Complaints Procedure The General Complaints Procedure for parents and others, adopted by the governing body in 1992, has now been revised and re-named School Complaints Procedure. this revised procedure took effect on 1 April 2005. it covers all issues falling outside the scope of the Curriculum Complaints Procedure, except where there are other statutory procedures, eg pupil admission process. Copies of both these procedures are available from the school or from the area office.


You can download a copy of Exning Primary Schools Complaints Policy HERE.