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Come and have fun in our interactive classroom. Read your favourite Oxford Reading Tree books online. Come on a magical adventure and practise your phonics and reading skills. Play fun games, watch clips, sing songs and make things with your favourite CBeebies characters and shows. Scan the class QR code and add your work to your student story.

welcome to robins' class page

Class Teacher: Miss Cole

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bland-Ward & Mrs Banner

Robin's Gallery

our learning in Summer Term 1

Our Topic is: people Who Help Us

In Literacy we will be:

  • Writing lists of people who help us in school
  • Reading non fiction books on people who help us
  • Using the information I find in the non-fiction books to write about peoples jobs.
  • Wriitng instructions on how to be a person who helps us
  • Writing a witness statement
  • Reading sentences of jobs people who help us do
  • Using a capital letters and full stops when writing sentences
  • Learning the sounds er, ng, nk, or, ay, oy in phonics
  • Making a poster about "what I want to be when I grow up".
  • writing a letter for the 'Jolly Postman'


In Physical Development we will be:

  • Having a gymnastic coach to teach us basic ' gymnastic movements'
  • Talking about the importance of a healthy diet and what foods we need to eat to be healthy.
  • Designing a healthy meal
  • Discussing ways to keep safe in school and at home, how to move Equipment Safely


In Maths  we will be:

  • Counting within 30, 40 and 50
  • Saying what is one more and fewer within 50
  • Estimating the lengths of objects, comparing and ordering lengths

  • Measuring objects using non standard units

  • Comparing the capacities of objects and using language about capacity

  • Comparing the weights of objects and using language about weight

  • Understaning the concept of equal groups

  • Exploring grouping objects in tens and counting in tens to find the total

  • Exploring counting in groups of five

  • Sharing quantities into two equal groups


In Expresive arts we will be

  • Changing our role play area into a 'police station
  • Creating our own finger prints and exploring them usign magnifying glasses
  • Dressing up and acting out people who help us
  • Singing song about people who help us
  • Making a portrait of somebody who helps us
  • Using puppets to act out people who help us

In PSED will be

  • Listening to a visitor from the community talk about his job role
  • Asking questions to the visitor about his role
  • Talking about ways to stay safe in the home and when out, stranger danger, car safety, the green cross code, safety near water

In Communication and Language we will be

  • Listening to non fiction books and responding with relevant comments
  • Talking about times when we have had to keep safe and people who have helped us
  • Describing people who help us uniforms and why they wear them and for what purpose
  • Reading and Retelling the Three Little Pigs

In Undertanding of the world we will be:

  • Discussing how people who help us looked in the 'past'
  • Investigating sound 'loud' and 'quiet' which sounds would make the best sirens
  • Designing a healthy plate on the ipad
  • Creating a mashcam for a perosn who helps us
  • Discussion on Materials - which materials will be bets to make a house with and why?




Last update: 2017-04-26

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