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Come and have fun in our interactive classroom. Read your favourite Oxford Reading Tree books online. Come on a magical adventure and practise your phonics and reading skills. Play fun games, watch clips, sing songs and make things with your favourite CBeebies characters and shows. Scan the class QR code and add your work to your student story.

welcome to robins' class page

Class Teacher: Miss Cole

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bland-Ward & Mrs Banner

Robin's Gallery

our learning in Summer Term 2

Our Topic is: Life Cycles and MiniBeasts

In Literacy we will be:

  • Reading the story 'Hungry Caterpillar'
  • labelling  parts of a chicken and a minibeast
  • Writing a shopping list for a hungry caterpillar
  • Writing a desciption for our own 'minibeast'
  • Wriitng a diary of the lifeycle of a caterpillar
  • Reading facts about minibeasts
  • Reading a writing words which contain the sounds the sounds 'th' 'igh' 'oa'









In Physical Development we will be:

  • Learning ball skills such as kicking, throwing and catching
  • Leanring how to run successfully in preparation for sports day
  • Balancing beansbags on our bodies
  • spider obstacle course
  • Moving like different minibeasts
  • Fingerprinting/handpainting minibeasts
  • Cutting out minibeast masks
  • Threading a spiders web


In Maths  we will be:

  • Learning Doubling- ladybird spots
  • Learning halving
  • Leanring the part part whole method to double and half
  • Leanring Symmerety- butterflies
  • Recognising the value of one penny and recognising the value of coins

  • Adding with money

  • Subtracting with money

  • Applying knowledge of numbers within 50 to money

  • Adding two or more single digits within five
  • Leanring Subtraction as partitioning






In Expresive arts we will be

  • Changing our outdoor role play area into a 'minibeast exploration area
  • Using puppets to act out the story of the 'Hungry Caterpillar
  • Painting the food from the story hungry caterpillar
  • Making minibeast masks
  • Creating symetrical butterflies with paint and natural resources
  • Creating minibeast hats
  • Making Paper cahin hungry caterpillars
  • singing songs and Rhymes about minibeasts

In PSED will be

  • Circle times- leanring to take care of creatures and their habitats
  • Role Playing- makeing a bug den
  • Releasing butterflies back into their natural enviroment
  • Observing  the life cycle of a butterfly and chicken

In Communication and Language we will be

  • Retelling the story of the Hungry caterpillar using actions
  • Retwelling the story using puppets
  • Acting out the the story with masks
  • Describing the changes of the lifecyle of a butterfly/ chicken
  • playing the Minibeast, what am I ? game- listening to descriptions  
  • Reading non fiction books about minibeasts and lifecyles

In Undertanding of the world we will be:

  • Going on a minibeast hunt and using the ipads to capture photgraphs of the ones we see
  • Designing a minibeast on the computer/ ipads
  • Using beebots to sequence the story of the Hungry Caterpillar
  • Sequencing the lifecyle of the butterfly and chicken
  • Sorting minibeasts based on characterstics eg number of legs, wings, colour etc
  • Visiting a zoo and look at the similarities and differences between animals




Last update: 2017-05-29

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