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Come and have fun in our interactive classroom. Read your favourite Oxford Reading Tree books online. Come on a magical adventure and practise your phonics and reading skills. Play fun games, watch clips, sing songs and make things with your favourite CBeebies characters and shows. Scan the class QR code and add your work to your student story.

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Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Shannon

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bland-Ward & Mrs Banner

our learning in Autumn 2

Our Topics This Half term are: The Gingerbread Man & Winter Wonders  

In Literacy we will be:

  • Learning individual letter sounds
  • beginning to read cvc words
  • Beginning to form recognisable letters
  • Reading the stories ' Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and the Tiger who came to Tea
  • Reading the story 'The Gingerbread man'
  • Sequencing the Gingerbread man
  • Creating a story map for the Gingerbread man
  • Creating instructions of how to make a gingerbread man
  • Writing a speech bubble for the Gingerbread man
  • Writing a list for santa  
  • Writing christmas cards




In Maths

  • To explore and discuss time and the seasons
  • To explore and discuss the days of the week and daily events
  • To use everyday language to talk about and sequence daily events
  • To be able to count up to ten objects reliably. 
  •  To explore one more and one greater within ten
  • To explore one fewer and one less within ten
  • To be able to place numbers within ten in order
  • To apply knowledge of numbers to ten to solve mathematical problems
  • To use key vocabulary associated with ordinal numbers 1st to 10th
  • To add two groups by counting on
  •  To explore subtraction as taking away (reduction)
  •  To practise addition and subtraction
  • To add and subtract zero


 In PSED will be :

  • Talking about keeping safe on bonfire night
  • Discussing whether Golidlocks was right or wrong to go into the three bears house
  • Working together to act out the story of the gingerbread man
  • Talking about the foxes motive for helping the gingerbread man




















In Physical Development we will be:

  • Learning to march in time and in differnet directions
  • Performing marching actions in unison and in time with the music
  • Carrying our marching techniques such as halt, turn and salute
  • Perform marching actions in pairs
  • Making playdough gingerbread men: handling malleable materials with increasing control
  • Creating bridges for the gingerbread man to cross the river and learning to travel  with confidence over the 'bridge'








In Communication and Language we will be

  • Retelling the story of the Gingerbread man using actions
  • Retelling the story using puppets
  • Acting out the the story with masks
  • Hotseating the characters in the story (asking questions to the characters)
  • Going on a hunt for the Gingerbread man and following clues



















In Expresive Arts we will be

  • Acting out the story of The Gingerbread Man (playing cooperatively to act out a narrative)
  • Creating masks for the characters in the story 'The Gingerbread man'
  • Designing and creating our own Gingerbread man
  • Creating a christmas decoration
  • Designing and making a christmas card
  • Cooking gingerbread men









































            In Undertanding of the world we will be:

            • Sequencing the story of the gingerbread man using beebots and 2create a story on the ipads
            • Designing a gingerbread man on purple mash
            • Talking to the class about our family customs and routines at christmas time























































            Last update: 2018-01-07

            If you would like to contact Mrs Shannon, please message her on Class Dojo or email: carly.shannon@exning.suffolk.sch.uk

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