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welcome to owls' class page

Class Teachers: Mrs Segust & Mrs Burrows

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Carter

our learning in the sUMMER term

This half term our topic is Time Detectives.

Please see our Long Term Plans for more details of the subjects taught through our topic


Numbers to 100 and  beyond. 

  • Read, recognise and write numbers to 100
  • Find the groups of tens and ones in numbers within 100
  • Represent numbers using a number line
  • Represent numbers to 100 as number bonds
  • Compare numbers within 100
  • Order numbers within 100
  • Identify the pattern in a sequence of numbers

                 Addition and Subtraction within 100

                • To apply knowledge of number bonds
                • To add three 1-digit numbers
                • To solve missing number equations
                • To add a 2-digit number and ones
                • To subtract a 2-digit number and ones
                • To add or subtract a 2-digit number and ones
                • To add or subtract a 2-digit number and tens
                • To add two 2-digit numbers
                • To subtract 2-digit numbers
                • Problem solving


                • To name coins and notes and understand their value
                • To represent the same value using different coins
                • To understand how to use money in a real-life context
                • To exchange money for items
                • To solve addition and subtraction word problems using money
                • To find change from given amounts






















                We will be writing stories including characters and settings from the past. 

                • Writing for purpose
                • Using imaginative description to add interest
                • Organising writing appropriately
                • Using sentences appropriately
                • Presenting work neatly


                Spelling and Grammar

                Each week we will focus on a specific phoneme and practise reading and spelling words. This will be on the weekly newsletter.

                We will be learning all the different rules that apply when adding suffixes such as -ed and -ing  to root words.

                This term we will be going through the government phonics screening assessment. We will continue to practise reading pseudo words and using our sound buttons to identify where two or three letters make one sound. 


                We aim for a member of staff to hear every child read once a week. This could be a fiction, non fiction or poetry text. We will share in your child's reading record our focus for discussion. Your child may be heard individually or in a small group. 

                You could talk to your child about 

                • What they think will happen next.
                • How the characters are feeling based upon what they say and do. 
                • Any words that they may not know the meaning of. 
























                Identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. 

                Identify and name a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

                Describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including pets) 











































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