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welcome to kestrels' class page

Class Teachers: Mrs Waites and Mrs Spencer

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nunn

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Topic - All Hands on Deck

This term's topic is a sea-themed topic. We will be looking at sea creatures and environmental issues as part of this topic (please see our long term plan for details of curriculum coverage).

In maths
Securing Multiplication Facts
  • To identify patterns in and between multiplication tables
  • To investigate using knowledge of multiplication tables
  • To explore patterns in the nine times multiplication table
  • To represent the seven times multiplication table


  • To recognise fractions as different representations
  • To identify and find fractions of a quantity
  • To recognise equivalent fractions (2 lessons)
  • To calculate non-unit fractions of a quantity
  • To find equivalent fractions using multiplication and division
  • To solve problems involving fractions and division
  • To compare and order fractions
  • To recognise and write mixed numbers
  • To recognise and write improper fractions
  • To convert mixed numbers to improper fractions
  • To add fractions which are equal to less than one
  • To subtract fractions less than one whole
  • To add fractions to equal an answer greater than one
  • To subtract fractions including fractions greater than one
  • To calculate non-unit fractions of quantities
  • To compare non-unit fractions of quantities

This week long unit on Time is designed to recap pupils' understanding of reading, writing and solving problems using the 12-hour clock and, in addition, it is pupils' first formal introduction to using the 24-hour clock. Pupils progress to use number lines as a strategy to convert between different units of time and to work out problems involving duration of time. 

In english

Our core text this term for our daily whole class reading is 'I was a Rat' by Philip Pullman. We will be scrutinising the text for its vocabulary, including its archaic references, and its  inference.  

We are analysing the text in different roles 

  • The Clarifiers- Clarify word meaning and phrases that we are unsure of.  
  • The Questioners - Ask questions to help us understand the text more. It could be questions for characters or for the author. 
  • The Predictors - Make predictions about the text based upon what we have read previously. 
  • The Summarisers - Summarise the paragraph, page or chapter, ensuring we  talk about themes rather than retelling small details. 

We are continuing our Diamond Quest and will be acknowledging and celebrating this on Class Dojo.. 

In Talk 4 Writing, we will be  looking initially at non-fiction texts with a sea theme. We will scrutinise  the typical features of non-chronological texts, such as glossaries, sub-headings, the index, labels, captions, graphics and comparisons etc, ready to imitate and innovate our own non-chronological writing.  

We continue to ensure our spelling and grammatical accuracy is as good as possible and will be addressing this daily. Spelling challenges will continue to be learned at home, allowing children to ask for a spelling challenge assessment in school and a move up to the next level. Handwriting will also continue to be checked and corrected where appropriate, such as ensuring the 'tails' of letters f, g, j, p, q and y all descend below the line.  



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Last update: 2018-01-07