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welcome to kestrels' class page

Class Teachers: Mrs Waites & Mrs Burrows

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nunn

Kestrel's Gallery

Kingswood 2017

our learning in the sECOND HALF OF THE SUMMER term


We begin by consolidating our fraction knowledge. We will be finding fractions of quantities and solving problems relating to them. We will be adding and subtracting them, finding equivalents and changing denominators where they differ. We will be ensuring we can convert between decimal fractions and tenths and hundredths. Looking at decimal numbers up to two decimal places, we will be sorting them by size and rounding them to the nearest whole number. Our shape and space work will ensure we are familiar with the term 'straight angle', referring to two right angles. We will revisit time in the form of converting between intervals of time: seconds to minutes, months to years etc, and converting between analogue, digital and 24 hour clock. In our measures work, we will be estimating, reading scales and working on real life scenarios connected to length and capacity. 


Our writing genre this half term is biographies: obtaining information from them and writing formally with the theme taken from our historical topic on monarchs. We will be writing poetry and stories related to the topic. Our spelling and grammar work will include the use of fronted adverbials. We will, as ever, work on spellings. Errors in  homophone use is still a problem and we will be working on these from the Year 3 and 4 curriculum.  We will also tighten up our use of spellings with the 'shun' ending but spelt either with -tion,  -sion or -cian.  



This term's topic is The Changing Power of Monarchs and looks at some of the key life-changing power changes made by our monarchs. This will include the Battle of Hastings, the Magna Carta, Henry VIII, Victoria and our current monarch. We begin the topic with a trip to Sandringham House. Science this half term addresses sound- how sounds are made and how we hear them. Swimming continues this term and athletics will be the basis of their other weekly lesson. Our art will look at the Bayeux Tapestry and portraiture including minatures.  We continue with our clarinet tuition, working towards the Apex concert in June and our performance at school. Our RE continues with Christianity. We will continue to use the skills we have learned in our ICT lessons throughout the curriculum.

Last update: 2017-06-14