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welcome to eagles' class page

Class Teacher: Mrs Emma Hardy

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kent

Eagle's Gallery

our learning in the spring term

Our Topic for the term is 'Building a community.'  This will involve developing map skills and using geographical resources to research settlements around the UK and the world.  We will also use Google Expeditions to immerse ourselves in the 3D world of world cities.  The final project is to research, design and make a pitch for locating a new town, using our new understanding of physical and human features.



  • Identifying features, planning, writing and evaluating a persuasive letter.  To develop skills we will plan and hold debates for 'Should zoos be banned?'



  • Our current Class Read book is Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan.



  • Multiples and using times tables facts
  • Factors and common factors
  • Fractions-identifying and calculating(with the same and different denominators) and converting improper fractions to mixed number
  • Angles - identifying right angles, acute, obtuse and reflex; measuring and drawing angles.



  • Electricity - recognise symbols and draw circuits to represent practical investigations.



  • Improve debugging skills while planning and improving a multiplication adventure game.
  • e-safety - Using trusted sites and reviewing use of search engines effectively.



  • Through our topic - map symbols, topography, scales, compass points, features of settlement development.



  • Investigating changes of a city through time.



  • Research and produce art, inspired by the artist, Hundertwasser.



  • Learn and practice a piece using wind and percussion instruments.



  • Learn about the Haka and plan own version using identified motifs and sequences.
  • Gymnastics - prepare, perform and evaluate.


Please come and see us, or email us, if you have any questions. Mrs Hardy can be contacted at: emma.hardy@exning.suffolk.sch.uk

 Alternatively send a message to Mrs Hardy or Mrs Kent via Class Dojo.



Last update: 2018-01-22