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welcome to eagles' class page

Class Teacher: Mrs Clifford-Turner

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kent

Eagle's Gallery

our learning in the spring term


In Eagles, we have begun our new topic, which is "Wonderful Me". We will be learning all about the human body and how best to keep ourselves healthy. You can find more information about our topic, by clicking through to our long term plans here.


writing - including Grammar and Spellings, 




  • We will write our own legends.
  • We will continue to learn about the appendix words and will think about spelling rules including shun words and homophones.
  • We will continue to learn about phrases and clauses, look at relative pronouns and the use of commas.
  • We will continue to use KungFu punctuation to help us to remember how best to punctuate our writing.
  • We will recap speech punctuation.
  • We will read "Friend or Foe", making comparisons to other books.
  • We will look at characters and their feelings, using the text to justify our answers.
  • We will continue to look for facts and opinions and differentiate between these
  • We will examine language,  particularly the use of figurative language, and explain the effect it has on the reader
  • We will look for themes and conventions in writing and explain how and why the writer has used them.






  • We will use formal written methods of addition and subtraction to solve problems.
  • We will learn more about fractions and decimals and relate them to one another
  • We will recap formal written methods of multiplication and division.
  • We will continue to solve problems.
  • We will keep practising our times tables and strive to pass the next level on our tables challenges.
  • We will be learning about plants: their features and how they reproduce in different ways.
  • We will learn about the similarities between all living things.
  • We will learn about the human body systems, including the digestive system, the skeletal system, the muscular system and the reproductive system (there will be a parent meeting regarding this early next term).
  • We will investigate the effects of exercise on the body. 







Please come and see us, or email us, if you have any questions. Mrs Clifford-Turner can be contacted at: ruth.turner@exning.suffolk.sch.uk




Last update: 2017-04-23