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Persevere, Shine, Be Happy Value ourselves and others * Be proud of our achievements Never, never, never give up!

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Exning Primary @ExningPrimary

25 Jun An article on our Victorian Day in Owls and Goldfinches (KS1) features in the Newmarket Journal this week (22nd June, pg12) @NKTJournal

23 Jun Robins thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Linton Zoo today 🐵🦁🐯. Thank you to the Friends of Exning School ( foes) for… https://t.co/rLuCyjQbpp

23 Jun Owls class have been using the iPads to photograph flowers. They have added different effects using an app called a… https://t.co/LC5ipMFkXP

21 Jun What an amazing venue for our children to perform at. Thank you to all the staff that make it possible.… https://t.co/5zyzPYoHnK