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Persevere, Shine, Be Happy Value ourselves and others * Be proud of our achievements Never, never, never give up!

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Exning Primary @ExningPrimary

25 May @johnjackson1066 @MissLauraJSmith @LGfL Actually, it was @LGfL and the @LGfL schools that have been an inspiration… https://t.co/mZySQhYvzY

25 May RT @johnjackson1066: Fab news @LGfL Exning School are an inspiration for all of us - brilliant work on cloud that is making a big differenc…

23 May Our new minibus has arrived! We’re looking forward to participating in more sports competitions, and visiting more… https://t.co/Sc5vMuFKYP

23 May Thank you to the @NewmarketAcad students that visited us as part of our ‘Valuing Ourselves & Others’ week. They a… https://t.co/zM0h4R7CYK