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Persevere, Shine, Be Happy Value ourselves and others * Be proud of our achievements Never, never, never give up!

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Exning Primary @ExningPrimary

19 Oct What a fantastic little stop motion made in an afternoon by one of our eSafety Ambassadors! https://t.co/c2CN8D7oc1

19 Oct RT @PfieldPrimary: Ever wondered how long your child should use an electronic device for? Under 2 yrs no time 2-5 yrs 1hr 5+ 2 hrs. https…

9 Oct We're looking forward to seeing you at Parents Evening next week. Sign-up sheets are out on the playground in the morning and after school.

9 Oct Excitement @CodeClub tonight as we got the STS Pi Robot moving remotely for the first time! #RaspberryPi #picademy… https://t.co/3Xp8w5X5jU